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Fairground & Amusement Ride/device safety Inspection AS3533

D A R L S C O, Inspection Body (IB) conducts/ carry out Inspection - Initial approval of amusement rides/ devices comprises of design review, Inspection of manufacturing processes, Initial Inspection, Independent Inspection, Major Inspection and Installation Inspection. Independent Inspection will be performed for all Amusement devices required together with ancillary parts (audio, lighting, platforms, fencing, etc.,) at specified intervals. Visual inspection which include exposing the chosen critical component, NDT, PPE, fatigue analysis and re-assembly inspection. Exceptional Inspection will be performed after major repair and modification of amusement ride/device.

The Journey of Safety starts from Inception to completion of the Ride/device and through full product cycle. The Inspection, Testing and Certification included but not limited to:

  Assessment of documentation including Risk assessment, Log book and other related details as per AS3533-Amusement Rides and Devices, and associated Australian Standards for structural, civil, electrical and mechanical components.

  Initial Approval - Design and calculation review, verification, inspection and tests executed by the independent inspecting body’s before a ride is first made available for public use, either for permanent installations or any relocated installation regardless of time period.

  Design Review of rides/ devices – Assessment of conformity to design

  Inspection of manufacturing process of rides/ devices

  Initial inspection /examination of rides/devices

  Independent/ Thorough Inspection

  Inspection, Testing and Certification of Non- Destructive Testing for welds

  Inspection, Testing ( tactile ) and certification of Personal Protective Equipment

  Functional Testing of rides/devices

  Ride safety electrical inspection - AS 3000 and AS60204

  Verification of design repairs of rides/devices

  Health, safety and Environment audits

  Assistance in preparation of safety manual


  Rides Inspection

  Water attractions - Water slides (Excluding complex water slides such as the slides with block zones).

  Thrill devices Slow moving devices - Bumper Boats (generally battery operated) and Paddle Boats

  Walk-through attractions - Haunted houses, Inverted rooms, mirror mazes, simulators and XD Cinemas and other attractions

  Extreme sports - Different fixed climbing walls like free climbing, lead climbing…etc. Bungee Trampolines and trampoline courts/parks

  Fixed rope courses - All fixed rope courses and tree top adventures, rope courses, zip lines

  Inflatable amusement attractions - All inflatable attractions that is used on land and in water like inflatable water parks, except the ones used for decoration purposes and not intended for public use

  Mobile climbing wall - Both manual and auto belay mobile climbing wall

  Mobile rope courses - include all adventure mobile rope courses from different sizes

  Trampoline - Single and multiple beds trampoline


The expertise of DARLSCO in water park Inspection has tremendous benchmark and cater to the following service line


Providing the appropriate material identification depending on the usage – indoor and outdoor pertaining to fire retardant and UV test reports


The concept of design including capacity of water park, Rules of play, area allocation, safety clearance, environmental conditions, ballast/ acchors design and all other technical details will be provided


The ballast/ achors plays major role for fastening the water inflatable to the surface and resistance against water current, tide and wave. The ballast design according to the water depth will be calculated against global positioning system and the installation support will be provided by on-site witness


The contractors site mobilization including heavy equipment third party inspection and the placement of ballast/ anchors will be witnessed on-site for safe placement


The installation will be followed by Initial examination/ Inspection and independent inspection. The fitness of the water park will be checked for safe operation and will be opened for pubic use.

The venue types of water parks inspection depends on manufacture/ local classification. However, broadly they fall into:

  Amusement and Theme parks - Adventure trail, Shoot the chute, Log flume, water transportation

  Water Parks - Aqua play rain fortress, body slides, family raft ride, flow rider

  Municipal Projects - Aqua Play, Body slides, Inner – Tube slides, Mat racer

  Resorts/ hotels/ commercial outfits

  Cruise ships – Aqua play, Flat line loop, flow rider, Champagne bowl

  Unique Venues - Aqua play, water transportation, flow rider, wave pools


  Inspection of water Parks generating waves - Surf/ Family/ dual/ children’s, extreme and wave river

  Inspection of water slides in water parks ensuring the slide path designs and relevant safety checks are done to ensure safety and fun

  Inspection of interactive water play are categorized into aqua play, rainforest, aquaspary and aqua course

  Inspection of surf in Water Parks

  Inspection of water slide in water parks

  Inspection of adventure play in water parks

For further queries and enquiries contact

D A R L S C O INSPECTION SERVICES C/0 Koach Stuidos, 100 Lorimer street, Docklands, Vic 3008 - Australia

+61 45 252 2761

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