Fairground and Amusement Park Rides Safety - Sudan

DARLSCO providing eminent service - Inspection, Testing and Certification included but not limited to Amusement park rides and devices, water park, theme park, attractions and other entertainment field. The inspection and certification process are based on International standards and will local requirement. The ride/ safety is mandatory for safe operation for public use. The classification or rides/ devices are provided and the Inspection standards are adopted accordingly.

  Rides - roller coasters, carousels, Ferris wheels, etc.

  Water attractions - Water slides (Excluding complex water slides such as the slides with block zones).

  Thrill devices - Go-Carts, Bumper Car and other devices

  Slow moving devices - Bumper Boats (generally battery operated) and Paddle Boats

  Walk-through attractions - Haunted houses, Inverted rooms, mirror mazes, simulators and XD Cinemas and other attractions

  Extreme sports - Different fixed climbing walls like free climbing, lead climbing…etc. Bungee Trampolines and trampoline courts/parks

  Fixed rope courses - All fixed rope courses and tree top adventures, rope courses, zip lines

  Inflatable amusement attractions - All inflatable attractions that is used on land and in water like inflatable water parks, except the ones used for decoration purposes and not intended for public use

  Mobile climbing wall - Both manual and auto belay mobile climbing wall

  Mobile rope courses - nclude all adventure mobile rope courses from different sizes

  Trampoline - Single and multiple beds trampoline

The Journey of Safety starts from Inception to completion of the Ride/device and through full product cycle. The Inspection, Testing and Certification included but not limited to:

  Assessment of documentation including Risk assessment, Log book and other related details as per AS3533-Amusement Rides and Devices, and associated Australian Standards for structural, civil, electrical and mechanical components.

  Initial Approval - Design and calculation review, verification, inspection and tests executed by the independent inspecting body’s before a ride is first made available for public use, either for permanent installations or any relocated installation regardless of time period.

  Design Review of rides/ devices – Assessment of conformity to design

  Inspection of manufacturing process of rides/ devices

  Initial inspection /examination of rides/devices

  Independent/ Thorough Inspection

  Inspection, Testing and Certification of Non- Destructive Testing for welds

  Inspection, Testing ( tactile ) and certification of Personal Protective Equipment

  Functional Testing of rides/devices

  Ride safety electrical inspection - AS 3000 and AS60204

  Verification of design repairs of rides/devices

  Health, safety and Environment audits

  Assistance in preparation of safety manual

Third party Certificate – Lifting Equipment’s & Accessories

Team DARLSCO is competent to carry out all lifting equipment included but not limited to overhead crane, Mobile, Gantry, Tower, pedestal, Jib, Winches, car lift, Aerial Lifts, and Forklifts to the accredited standards.

Non- Destructive Testing ( NDT)

DARLSCO NDT inspection/ service caters to all relevant/ related fields ranging from process industries, manufacturing, process industries, fabrication of steel, structures, Oil & gas, refineries, aerospace, environmental across the globe. The training division of DARLSCO comprises of dedicated, skilled and certified trainers in NDT – level I, II and III

Training and Certification

ASNT Level-II Training offered in Ghana

DARLSCO provides in-house and correspondence training and certification in the discipline of Non-Destructive (NDT) as per ASNT - Level II as per the recommended practice No. SNTC - TC- 1a for general framework for qualification and certification programme courses in West Africa including Ghana for the following modules:

  Visual Testing (VT ) - Level II

  Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)/ Dye Penetrant Testing - Level II

  Magnetic Particle Testing ( MT) - Level II

  Ultrasonic Testing (UT ) - Level II

  Eddy Current Testing (ET) - Level II

  Radiographic Testing - Level II

  Infrared Thermography(IR) - Level II

  Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) - Level II

  Time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) - Level II

Advanced NDT training comprises of the following certification programme

  CRT (cathode Ray Tube)

  Neutron Radiography

  Acoustic emission & Vibration analysis


The inspection of storage tanks ( underground, aboveground and mobile tanks) will be carried out based on standards included but not limited to ASME, NBIC and API. The Inspection comprises of Visual and Functional inspection and the fitness certificate for safety will be issued.

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