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Calibration Storage Tanks

  Shell Settlement Survey in-service Tanks The shell settlement survey will be carried out on periodic basis and depends on the assessment of soil and settlement predictions. The relevant standard is API 653 will be the document to identify an evaluate any tank bottom settlements.

  Bottom Settlement The survey will be carried out for any significant depressions or bulges in the floor of the tank shell based on the recommended standard API 653 B3.3 to address the form of settlement.

  Floor Edge Settlement

  Edge settlement occurs when the sharp edges settles around the periphery thus resulting in deformation of bottom plate near shell to bottom corner junction (or) depth of depressed area of bottom plate. The floor edge settlement will be carried as per API 653 B

  Shell Roundness Survey The survey of tank will be performed according to ISO 7507.The objective is to obtain two heights of each strake. The internal radii at each measurement at 310 mm above the base of tank shell to generate the roundness report.

  The Storage tank Inspection, calibration and Audit carried out for horizontal and vertical tanks including but not limited to

  Assessment of Soil/ subsoil characteristics including corrosion

  Three Dimension (3 D) modeling of the bottom of tank and the shell surrounding.

  Sampling and laboratory assessment of water and sludge inside the containers

  Storage tank floor measurement using conventional and automated technology

  External thickness measurements and calculation reviews using ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTG)

  Hydrotest/hydrostatic test of chamber/shell

  Identification plate stamping and adjustment 

  Project management and construction supervision

  Tank floor volume measurement

  Tracing of system leaks and assessment of material strength

  Calculation of Ultrasonic density tests

ISO – Documentation & Implementation

  DARLSCO’s competency to provide documentation and implementation facilities to the enlisted International organization for Standardization(ISO) but not limited to:

  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17020, ISO 17024, ISO 17025, ISO 17065, HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 27000, ISO 13485 & ISO 15185

  Providing Training and Competence on Internal Audit ( IRCA) approved for QMS, EMS and OHSAS.

Engineering and Design Facilities

  DARLSCO have Design and Engineering facilities for process & Power plant Pipelines, Isometrics, Stress Analysis, Bill of materials, hangers & supports etc, Design and Engineering of main steam pipe lines, Condensate piping, DM water piping, CW piping, oil pipe lines and Utilities piping viz , Air services , water etc, and Isometrics for all steam condensate, Water, Oil, Utilities pipes etc, Design and Reverse Engineering of all Turbine, Boiler& Auxiliaries and all Rotating Equipment Components equivalent to the standards of OEM’s. Tie ups to organize BOP.(TOTAL POWER PLANT EQUIPMENTS).

Operation and Maintenance

  DARLSCO has complete technical capabilities to undertake Reconditioning, Re- Design, Up-gradation, Capital Maintenance Overhauls, Erection and Commissioning of all types of Turbo machines & Boiler equipment and can facilitate technical man power for Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants.

  High pressure Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Reformers of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steels & non ferrous materials

  Equipment for Combustible / Explosive Classifications, Occupational Safety and Hazardous Area Classifications

  Instrument Air / Plant Air Systems, Air Drying Plants, Gas dehydration units  

  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems. Line Pipes, Pipe Coating and Piping Appurtenances

  Rotating Machinery such as Reciprocating / Centrifugal / Axial Flow Compressors, Reciprocating / Centrifugal Pumps, Steam / Gas Turbines, Diesel / Petrol / Gas Engines, Diesel Generating Sets, Motors, Blowers etc

  PCC, MCC, PMCC, Generators, Transformer, Motor, DCS / PLC, SCADA, Telecom system and Instruments & Control Systems

  Specialized Material such as Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Clad Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel, Titanium, Dissimilar Metals, Copper and its Alloys, Aluminum and its Alloys, Wear Resistant Materials, Refractory Materials, Wear and Corrosion Resistant Coatings, Insulation Materials, Anti-fouling Marine Temperature Resistant Coatings and Paints


  The hazard identification is conducted by walk-through survey of the facility to identify and list out the potential hazards in the following basic hazard categories included but not limited to

  Penetration, Impact, Chemical, Harmful dust, Compression (roll-over), Heat/cold, Light (optical) radiation and biological hazard(s).

  Based on the hazards identified, Risk Assessment will be carried out Qualitative and Quantitative assessment. The HIRA will be evaluated on annual basis/ any change in activity. The potential hazards will be identified and requires control measures with specific objective and Target for control and monitoring as evaluation purpose.

  The Accessible means of egress are evaluated included but not limited to NFPA 101 and Life Safety Code, 2009, Subsection 7.5.4 , NFPA 500, Building Construction and safety Code, 2009, American National Standard ICC/ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and International Building Code.


  The destructive testing will be carried out for equipment/ loose lifting gears/ lifting tool to arrive at the Minimum Breaking Load(MBL), Proof Load. The destructive testing include but not limited to Hardness test, Pull off test, Impact Test, Bend test, Fracture test, nick Break test and Temperature tensile.

Equipment Hire

  The test weight(s) are available on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The test weight are ideal for testing Safe Working Load(SWL) & Proof Load for lifting equipment and accessories.

  Calibrated Test weight (solid) used for load test upto 500 Tonnes

  Calibrated Load Cell for load test and verification and ranges from 02 – 100 Tonnes

  Water bags Up to 150 Tonnes

  Mooring Winch Test Rig with Jack

  Clamp on tension meters for mast guy wire adjustment

Scaffolding Services

  DARLSCO’s competency in scaffolding ranges from Design review, material supply with test certificate and verification on site after erection. The material supply with design code included but not limited to Towers, Formwork, aluminum scaffold, Frame scaffold, mobile access scaffold, handing scaffold, cuplock scaffold, Tubes scaffold, Fittings type scaffold. The material selection is based on BS EN 12811, BS 2482, BS EN 74-1, BS EN 74-2, BS EN 74-3 and with relevant and International standards.

Welder’s Certification

The objective of Welder’s being approved and qualified to avoid risk and to ensure quality. The Welders are approved in accordance with EN287-1 / EN ISO 9606-1 as appropriate to the materials being used and approved welding procedure. Welding procedure specifications, Welding procedure tests and approval of the welding procedures shall be in accordance with included but not limited to EN-ISO 15614-1 and related standards as appropriate

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